August House Studio opened its doors in 1987. Located at 2113 W. Roscoe Street, it sits in the heart of fun Roscoe Village, Chicago.

Springing out of an art rental business run from owner Marya Veeck's living room, August House Studio is dedicated to bringing art into the neighborhood. "In Europe," Veeck says,"galleries are like florists: they're everywhere, interspersed in neighborhoods, making art a part of everyday life." Instead of being located in a specific district, art galleries are spread throughout the city, making art available to everyone.

August House Studio has been creating this kind of accessibility for over 23 years, making it one of Roscoe Village's oldest businesses. The gallery presents up to 12 shows a year. In addition to solo artists, it hosts themed shows that range in subject from baseball to birds. There are also several annual shows that include Dumela, featuring African artists, and the Student Show, showcasing pieces from the gallery's many art classes.

August House Studio focuses on 2-D contemporary and regional art. The gallery is a comfortable, intimate space that lends itself to both large and small shows. Show openings draw crowds of up to 500 people.

Before an opening, after viewing a show or any time you're looking for a good meal, Marya Veeck recommends Piazza Bella, 2116 W. Roscoe St. and Turquoise Restaurant, 2147 W. Roscoe St.

Roscoe Village is home to a variety of eateries. You can find everything from sandwiches to Guatemalan cuisine. If you feel like shooting pool, tasting a new microbrew or just relaxing with some friends, you'll find what you're looking for. The bars and restaurants in Roscoe Village offer good drinks, great atmosphere, and serve good food.

On top of being home to August House Studio, Roscoe Village has studios where you can dance and act. From music to clothes to gifts - - Roscoe Village shopping is a great experience. You can get the style of the moment or the last decade. No matter if you like high fashion or kitchy cool, you'll find accessories, clothes, and music that match you.

Roscoe Village is a rapidly growing, affluent area that still feels like a small, friendly neighborhood: your doctor, dentist and, of course, your dry cleaner and art, are all just steps away.